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Consulting and Freelance

Cisco Systems - Business Analyst/Usability Consultant
  • Evaluating internal CRM applications used by the World Wide Sales Organization to ensure the applications meet business objectives
  • Utilizing NetRaker to design global online usability studies
  • Creation of internal web site to present the program to executive management
  • Pronto Networks - User Interface Design
    • Design of wireless customer portal for handheld devices and computers
    Instantis - Usability Analyst/Information Architect
    • Evaluation (heuristic analysis) of a tool used for Six Sigma project management
    • Created style guide to be used for future development work
    • Redesigned the look and feel to change it from looking like a consumer application to looking like an enterprise application
    • Field research
    San Francisco AIDS Office (SFAO) - Information Architect/User Interface Design
    • Creation of a web site portal to facilitate reporting to the CDC and present AIDS educational information to at-risk groups


    Senior User Interface Designer

    VA Software
    SourceForge was originally created as a portal. Overhauled the user interface to better support the target enterprise software developer market.

    • Business and requirements analysis to determine how to repurpose the existing SourceForge application for the enterprise customer. Met with key customers to determine needs and pain points with current systems, met with key stakeholders to determine business requirements, task and work flow analysis. PRDs and interface specifications. Contributing team member for functional specifications.
    • Created Style Guide with design and content guidelines to direct user interface design across the 3.x series of releases.
    • Overhauled the information architecture to better organize the information and reduce mouse-clicks.
    • Created alert-based notification system to allow users to quickly find information that is relevant to project management.
    • Created various methods to allow users to navigate complex and data-rich informational space to quickly find what is relevant to a particular user.
      Quadramed - User Interface Team Lead/Requirements Analyst

    Led user interface design team of contractors and in-house developers and designers to create an interface for a web-based medical software used in hospital compliance programs and inpatient and outpatient medical coding.

    • Led user studies in the field.
    • Requirements analysis, use cases analysis, and work flow.
    • Competitive and Gap analysis.
    • User meetings with customer advisory committee.
    • Extensive use case and work flow.
    • Received the Topaz "Can-Do Award" for contributions to the team.

    • BizRate - usability testing of a browser add-in that helps consumers make purchasing decisions
    • Brodia - redesigned branded services sign-up procedures to improve consistency and usability for an e-wallet product
    • Berrypick - stealth mode company. Deliverables include persona development, wireframe/schematics, information architecture, cognitive design, palette design, web design, graphics
    • AdvisorTeam - Company sells a personality test service. Redesigning information architecture of the site to improve scalability, reduce user confusion, and increase conversion rates.
    • Manugistics - Designed a complex business application that allows salespeople to create winning bids on large corporate sales.



      Manager: User Interface & Tech Pubs

    Interaction design, user-interface design, information design, usability testing, heuristics evaluations, extensive project management, departmental budgetary responsibility, managed 3 direct reports and various contractors and consultants.

    • Created customer advisory council to solicit input on product features and functionality.
    • Designed a web-based postage product within severe governmental
      regulatory constraints.
    • Taught developers about user-centered and goal-directed design.
    • Redesign of an existing desktop-based postage product.
    • Delivered a forward-looking user-interface that influenced corporate strategy.
    • Developed key metrics to improve understanding of customer behavior and retention.
    • Taught usability testing to others in the company.
    • Evangelized user interface design principles throughout the engineering and marketing organizations.


      Principal (Lead)

    Catalyst Resources
    Extensive project management, user-interface design, information design and architecture, heuristic evaluations, interaction design, graphics development as lead on various UI projects.

    • Designed a web-based custom document generator for Cisco Systems
    • Designed two modules for Cisco's training administration application
    • Various projects for Hewlett-Packard's E-Commerce site


    Corporate webmaster promoted into the engineering department. Product design and planning as part of a multi-disciplinary team, extensive JavaScript development, copywriting, documentation, graphics,
    layout, HTML. Wrote, carried out and analyzed usability test information.
    • Heuristics evaluations. Some end user customer support. UI design for a java-based collaborative product. Project management of multi-disciplinary team of employees and contractors to bring up a new web site, graphic design, layout, CGI programming (PERL), JavaScript, configuration and maintenance of web server, and technical writing.
    • Product was initially difficult to enter. Users had to read various system requirements. Wrote JavaScript so that people no longer needed to understand their configuration issues and were warned about actual problems.
    • Usability tests suggested that people were unable to move their content into the server without assistance. Redesigned the upload UI. Later usability testing showed 100% of the subjects could upload their material without assistance and said it was easy to do so.
    • Wrote an intro guide for the product that was presented to the board and given to key customers.
    • Re-did the information architecture and navigation to make the site more usable.
    • Successfully improved search engine positioning for key words chosen by marketing.
    • Put systems into place to allow Marketing to collect data on web site usage.
    • Taught usability testing to others in the company.
      Managing Director


    • Developed an award-winning multimedia, collaborative, distributed, object-oriented, programs interface to a MOO server. Light system administration. This was one of the first web-interfaces for live chat on the Internet. SenseMedia was on Netscape's What's Cool list for over three years and won awards from LookSmart and others.
    • Developed an IDE that allowed people to chat, create their own web pages without knowledge of HTML, extend their virtual environment and post things to a bulletin-board type mailing list
    • Developed a catalog program that allowed rapid web-site building of categorized content.